Lume Esse

During visits to retailers and professionals such as architects and design studios, we increasingly find ourselves having to respond to requests for a “complete” product. With this word these interlocutors want sturdiness, durability, safety, functionality, aesthetics and ease of installation. For several years now all these characteristics have been summarized in a product, Lume Esse, the synthesis of a project that evolves the concept of “chain sunscreen” with a series of technological innovations resulting from 3 years of planning. The differences with competing products are numerous and each of these justifies the interest and success achieved.

Many dwell on the robustness of the 12/10 extruded aluminum blades because they convey solidity and safety, but it is only the tip of the iceberg, in reality Lume Esse boasts patents, such as the exclusive coupling system between the blade and the pegs of the mechanics which is totally invisible from the outside and which allows you to change the width of the awning if necessary without the intervention of Lupak Metal, avoiding loss of time and transport costs.

Another element that stands out is the possibility of complete rotation of the blade from 0 to 87° in any intermediate position, until now impossible with chain systems.
Lume overturns the current resistance of sunscreen products to the wind. The test carried out at the certified body reached a breaking pressure of 930 Pa, corresponding to about 140 km/h on a size of 3000×3000.

Lume Esse is always locked in any position and has an anti-lifting system that engages automatically when you try to lift the blades and signals when this has happened, in fact, if you move the awning upwards, you hear the locks unlock intervened while, if you operate downwards, the motor runs but the awning does not move.

Lume Esse is the only one to offer the possibility of adjusting the side guides, using the dowels supplied as standard, to recover any out-of-square light holes.
Another unique feature is the gasket of the last blade which, being adjustable, always allows the right distance between the threshold and the last blade when the curtain is closed.

Last but not least, there is the release of the “blade pack” function that allows you to release the blades from the chain system in a few seconds, it is very useful in after-sales in case of need for intervention in the maneuver channel because avoids having to disassemble and reassemble all the blades, something much appreciated by operators in the sector for the enormous saving of intervention time.

To all this we must add that Lume Esse, in addition to the standard color range, can be customized to your liking.

Lume Esse at a glance

BK min.675 mm
BK max.2800 mm
Area max.9 mq (motor operation)
HT min.750 mm
HT max.4020 mm
Guides55×80 extruded guide with integrated traction and orientation mechanism
Colors STDRAL 9010 – 1013 – 7035 – 9006 – 9007 – 7016 – 8017 – 6005
Depthminimum 120 mm
Wind classClass 6 – Breaking pressure equal to 930 Pa – about 140 km/h
Lume Esse