A business evolution that has lasted since the end of the sixties, always in search of quality and innovation in respect of the balance between men and the environment. The various generational passages have done nothing but strengthen a leadership based on professional and human roots, from which emerges a vision of a solid and, at the same time, dynamic industry which, with well-identified commercial and production policies, proposes itself as a serious operator in his sector. The company is today a leader in central Italy in the production of insect screens and sun screens, made with the best raw materials available on the market. An adequate technical assistance service also follows the product after-sales, providing the maximum guarantees in the assembly and testing phases, so that all the characteristics found in the products remain unchanged over time. Men with many years of experience who have experienced the transformation of the market in all its phases and are now ready to take up the challenge of the third millennium.

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The products express a tangible production sensitivity that derives from expert craftsmanship and evolves with current technologies. A necessary path to deal with the various market demands that inevitably create a product that is largely personalized in terms of material, size, color and applications.
But all this involves a rational control of the production processes, unavoidable feasibility studies and adequate pre- and post-processing control systems. This industrialization also guarantees the delivery of the goods sold almost weekly. A supply chain that must always be kept efficient as well as the professional updating of those involved.


Being present on the market for many years means having produced and still producing a product with high quality requirements. A rewarding strategy that takes shape from the identification of suppliers who best respond to one’s standards and from their concrete involvement in the global business. A partnership that unites them to the company through continuous relationships and contracts, but also sees them at the forefront of controls and technical development.

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Environmental policy

In this direction, the company believes it is important to contribute to the conservation of the environment and to the improvement of the quality of life both inside and outside its production units. Guidelines that involve all the workers in order to always keep the attention on environmental issues alive; preventing pollution, reducing, where possible, the indiscriminate consumption of natural resources and promoting the recycling and recovery of raw materials. These guidelines are also observed in the selection of the various suppliers, directing it towards those companies that are inspired by these principles.


The production process expresses a sensitivity that starts from ancient and expert artisan skills, to evolve through the most current technologies. An inevitable passage to respond in a concrete and current way to the advanced demands of the market, where the demand for a personalized product in its various meanings is growing more. Hence the need for continuous training of the workers, weighted investments in machinery and above all in the rationalization of the various management processes.