Veranda cables

Application type
Vertical horizontal

Application environment
Roofing of verandas and windows. Optimal protection by limiting the greenhouse effect as much as possible

CV140 in extruded aluminum composed of a fixed part and a mobile part that can be inspected. Pairs of side caps in painted galvanized steel

Winding roller
Ø 78 mm in galvanized steel with ogive to facilitate the maintenance of the fabric

Lateral made up of two Ø 6 mm 19 wire ropes in AISI 316 stainless steel which support the extruded aluminum traction bar

FV92 traction bar containing the pre-tensioning system with inspectable casing, mounted on ball bearings. The fabric is held in tension by a large spring positioned inside the traction bar. The traction system is carried out using a PES HT core Ø 2.5 mm braided cable contained in the guides.

Single-phase tubular motor 230V/50Hz M50 with limit switch adjustment. Thermal protection and IP44 water splash protection index. Switch excluded

Bottom fixing
Lower brackets in galvanized steel for mounting the guides and return cables. Available in AISI 304 stainless steel upon request

Veranda cables
Vertical / Horizontal
Veranda horizons meeting