Sunox antibacterial mesh

Sunox is the antibacterial mosquito net which, thanks to the natural process of photocatalysis, filters the air from bacteria and viruses.
In the presence of air and light, Sunox nets generate an active ingredient capable of transforming pathogens into harmless substances.
The special ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) particles, triggered by the Sunox/light synergistic system, purify the air making the environment healthier and increasing our well-being.


Bacterial growth
Under ideal conditions, bacteria double every 20 minutes. At a temperature of 37°C, a population of 100 bacteria can replicate until it becomes 26 million.
The bactericidal action of Sunox
Microbiological analyzes conducted according to the ISO 27447:2009 standard by accredited laboratories (Biochemie Lab of Florence; Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Teramo) have certified the bactericidal action of Sunox.
The virucidal action of Sunox
The virucidal efficacy of Sunox has been proven in the Department of Hygiene and Public Health of the University of Florence.

Sunox antibacterial mesh
Sunox antibacterial mesh