Roll it small

Mini roller blind that applies even to the narrowest windows! The transmitted chain allows to minimize the lateral spaces by reducing the passage of blades of light. Ideal for private or public environments where there are extremely small windows.

Free roller blind for small windows, extra light meshed chain operation with plastic control group sent to minimize lateral spaces in order to avoid blades of light. 12 pitch nylon chain with Ø 4.5 grub screws equipped with “Child safety device” safety release. Maneuvering side to the right. Ø 26.5 mm roller in silver oxidized extruded aluminum with ogive to facilitate fabric maintenance. White painted steel brackets complete with pre-assembly profile for front or ceiling mounting. Command side bracket equipped with maneuver transmission. Backdrop F21 Series 2000 in extruded aluminum with PVC caps. Particularly suitable for very small windows (10 to 30 cm wide).

Roll it small
Roller holder