Proiezione 135

Application type

Application environment
External, on curtain walls

CT135 round in extruded aluminium, composed of a fixed part and a mobile part that can be inspected for possible maintenance of the awning. Pair of side caps in painted aluminum designed for snap-fitting into the guide

Winding roller
Ø 78 mm in galvanized steel, with ogive to facilitate the insertion and reassembly of the sheet

GP32 in extruded aluminum for side or front fixing. Towel outside guide. Projection system with horizontal crosspiece in extruded aluminium, sliding along the guide with self-adjusting skids

Backdrop flounce projection
Round FD42 in extruded aluminum suitably weighted, fixed on projection arms that allow rotation up to 160°. The length of the projecting arms is 600 mm with stainless steel thrust spring. The whole system stops automatically when going up and down when the arms begin to protrude, this stop point can be set at any height.

Single-phase tubular motor 230V/50Hz M50 with limit switch adjustment. Thermal protection and IP44 water splash protection index. Switch excluded

Side (with GP32), front (GP32/GP42). Front fixing also using brackets of variable length (from 5 to 20 cm) at a supplement.

Proiezione 135
Facade awnings