Pratica lateral 43

Side practice represents the most tested and consolidated solution for French windows, even of large dimensions.

The application of simple but original accessories, such as the scroll wheel, the jointed external handle and the magnetic closure profile, has refined its handling and ease of use, while the guide fixing blocks allow you to avoid drilling on the entrance threshold, generally in marble.

The standard bolts on the double leaf model allow you to fix the part that is not used for the passage, while a special reinforcement profile allows you to stiffen the handle-bar profile, to standardize its flexibility.

The viscodynamic brake option, available on both models, allows controlled rewinding of the net and solves all the problems related to safety and UNI EN 13561 standards.


Zanzariera pratica laterale 43 - Bellini SRL
Pratica lateral 43
Mosquito nets in window door light

SUNOX net on request

Accessorio rete SUNOX per Zanzariere Bellini SRL