Plissé Miny 17

Designed for installations on doors or windows, with space problems, Miny 17 succeeds in the difficult task of protecting openings where no other system finds space with elegance and functionality.

In just 17 millimeters of real space Miny 17 offers refined and innovative solutions in terms of network and design.

The profiles and the mesh do not make it look out of place alongside the older sisters of the pleated systems, from which it inherits the peculiarities of ease of passage, easy positioning of the handle bar and total safety.

The innovative magnetic fastening system between the guides and the net-pack simplifies installation, even in the presence of strong “out-of-square” elements.


Zanzariera Plissé Miny 17
Plissé Miny 17
Pleated mosquito nets

SUNOX net on request

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