Plissé 40

The Queen of pleated insect screens has an unmistakable name: Plissé 40.

Developed in the 2000s, Plissé has now reached full maturity. It was the first model that saw the adoption of the pleated mesh and immediately showed all the advantages that this solution brings with it: contrary to roller shutter systems, in fact, the absence of return springs allows you to leave the handle bar in any intermediate position without the use of counterweights or special stops.

For the same reason, it is impossible for the handle bar to get out of hand and rewind itself. Furthermore, the presence of a ground guide of only 3 mm in height reduces the obstacle to the transit of people and wheelchairs.

The Plissé Extralarge variant can extend the opening of a single door up to 200 cm and a double door up to 400 cm. Furthermore, the possibility of “train” installation should not be overlooked, which with several boxes connected to each other, eliminates any limit to the width of the openings to be protected.


Plissé 40
Plissé 40
Pleated mosquito nets

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