Orienta 2.0

Roller shutter with adjustable slats without rotation mechanism

Synthesis between roller shutter and shutter, it offers only the best of these two products.

Often when using the roller shutter you are faced with choices such as: raise the canvas to ventilate or lower it to shelter from the sun’s rays and intrusions.

In a single solution, Orienta allows you to ventilate, light and protect from the sun, for maximum comfort.

Its operation does not require mechanisms inside the guides, therefore it is possible to install it like a normal roller shutter on new buildings or replace it with existing ones.

It does not require maintenance and guarantees constant operation over time.

The movement of the canvas is motorized but the winch control can also be requested. Radio-controlled motors with three limit switches are available on the market.

It is possible to memorize the positions of the rolled up fabric, closed fabric and oriented fabric.

The use of low rpm motors is recommended; preferably 12 rpm.

Oienta 2.0
Roll-up slats