Night & Day EVO 33/41 Chain

It is a chain-operated model belonging to the line of blackout and filtering curtains, for internal use only. Night & Day Evo can have a box of just 33 mm, or, to cover larger sizes or accommodate thicker fabrics, 41 mm.
In this line the model is a consequence of the chosen fabric: at the end of this section you will find all the information in this regard. In the blackout versions it is necessary to consider that a small amount of light can filter through the guide. The control is positioned on the right as standard, but it can also be requested on the left. Although it is a chain system, Night & Day Evo is in any case equipped with a spring that keeps the fabric in tension, guaranteeing an optimal aesthetic result. In any case, it is always possible to stop the handle bar at the desired height, a feature that is very useful with filtering fabrics. In the absence of sufficient space for installation inside the glazing bead, it is possible to request the version with front connection.
A very refined model from an aesthetic point of view, it is characterized by the plastics painted in the same color as the aluminum and the completely hidden screws.

Night & Day EVO 33/41 Chain