Essenza 35 smart

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The Essenza 35 smart mosquito net features an innovative design with reduced dimensions, the lower tracks and the upper guide are both closed, avoiding the passage of small reptiles and various insects.

The 35 smart mosquito net is characterized by an aesthetic and functional novelty: it does not have a closing profile, allowing the slide to close directly on the wall

The standard windproof brush allows a better hold of the net in case of strong winds. The mechanics can reach dimensions of up to 1500 mm in width each door.

The mosquito net is supplied with a bayonet connection, while on request the patented fixing clip is available which offers the possibility of managing the out-of-squareness.

The aluminum ground guide with silver anodic oxidation protection, only 3.5 mm thick, allows freedom of passage; alternatively, the package will include a kit for assembly without a ground profile.


Essenza 45 smart
Essenza 35 smart
Mosquito nets in window door light
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