Duo 01

Double roller blind that darkens and filters the light. All it takes is a single maneuver to wind and unwind the rolls. The Duo system summarizes the advantages of the Comfort system in terms of sliding smoothness and ease of use. In fact, a simple gesture is enough and the curtain rolls up softly and silently. A slight pressure of the hand on the nylon chain is sufficient to optimally adjust the light and shadow. The design is elegant and essential and enhances the environments.
Roller blinds with double sheet and Duo chain control. Duo brackets in painted steel (white, gray or black) complete with closing profile, front or ceiling fixing. Double Ø 40 mm winding roller in silver anodized extruded aluminum with ogive to facilitate insertion/reassembly of the fabric. Set of 2 control units with retarder and return spring unit for automatic lifting of the fabrics. Single chain, pitch 12 in white, gray or black nylon, with Ø 4.5 grains equipped with a “Child safety device” safety release, to wind and unwind the rollers together and therefore optimally regulate light and shade. Backdrop F21 Series 2000 in extruded aluminum with PVC caps.

Duo 01
Roll it large
Roller holder