DR 1403

Application type
Horizontal/tilted. Medium sized tents. System also suitable for vertical applications where, for example, operation from bottom to top is required

Application environment
For internal use only

CV140 double box in thick and very rigid extruded aluminium, made up of a fixed part and a mobile part that can be inspected. Pair of side caps in die-cast aluminium

Winding roller
Ø 78 mm in galvanized steel

Opposed roller
Ø 78 mm in galvanized steel

G80 in extruded aluminum including brush; double function of containing the fabric during sliding and accommodating the dragging straps. Ø 4.5 mm horizontal reinforcement slats in galvanized steel inserted in special pockets welded into the sheet approximately every 90 cm to prevent the sheet from coming out

FG42 extruded aluminum plate with sliding caps in PVC including additional stiffening profile FG42R

Single-phase double tubular motor 230V/50Hz M50. Thermal protection and water splash protection index IP44; TTS control unit to keep the fabric in traction in any position. Switch excluded

Awning supplied pre-assembled on angular aluminum profile 50x30x3 mm

DR 1403
Horizontal / inclined
Double cassette roller blinds