Antisoll micro-perforated

Roller shutter in extruded aluminium

Antisoll Microforata is an exclusive system that combines the concept of a classic shutter with that of a strong deterrent against external intrusions, also providing a pleasant design and the alternative of choosing between the different ventilation holes according to needs.

Antisoll Microforata uses a slat block that prevents it from rising. The system generates, in four points of each intermediate slat, a block against the guide, avoiding lifting. It self-locks without the need for devices or elements external to the canvas.

Its design is particularly careful to create a beautiful succession of small and large curves. It also allows for greater light compared to traditional rolling shutters and optimal ventilation thanks to its 1500 holes per square metre. Their distribution of holes and dimensions prevents the passage of insects towards the interior.

Works with standard guides.

Antisoll micro-perforated
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